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Meet Katie Cannon

I am a full time multi-passionate artist.  I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Residential and Commercial Design. Art has always been in my life in one form or another and I love to bring joy to others through my art. 

I have published five adult coloring books of my own and co-published a sixth coloring book with my daughter Anastasia. I work in both traditional and digital mediums.
My art can be found on various different products as well. From fabric to home goods, accessories to wall is just a sample of the items I designs.

I like illustration and I’m good at it but I love painting and mixed media. I love mixing all the colors and tools and supplies and watching how the work with each other. I love getting messy and having paint on my hands at the end of the day. I love creating something that will brighten your day as soon as you see it. It is like the sunrise every morning God paints the sky with beautiful colors and wakes us up, and the sunsets where He brings the colors back and seems to remind us that the night won’t last too long.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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